FEB 10-11

794 E. 21st Ave [map]
(one block East of Fraser)


Saturday Feb 10

9:30-11:00 - Caffeine and Set up: volunteers appreciated!

11:00 - Gathering/Best Snacks
11:45 - Welcome & Winterbee Kick-0ff
12:00 - Diagnostics with Pol
1:00 - Brakes with Lyle

2:00 - Vegantastic Lunch (provided)

2:30 - Bike Laundry (We will all be inspired to clean and fix our
bikes together, yes!)
4:00 - DIY Zine Making with Trianne (Recyclista/Bike Laboratorian from Victoria)
5:00 - Winter Wear Forum & Leg Warmers with Leanne, Elaine & Cedric
5:45 - Anti-Theft Techniques with Nick, Lyle & Ifny
6:30 - Clean-up

We will later toddle over to the Stop the Highway Party at the Waldorf

Sunday Feb 11

11:00 - Gathering/Best Snacks
12:00 - Fixing Flats with Louise
1:00 - Brakes with James

2:00 - Vegantastic Lunch (provided)

2:30 - Bike Laundry including DIY Diagnostics
4:00 - Physics of Cycling with Pol
5:00 - Closing Circle
6:00 - Clean-up


- All workshops/meals by donation; no one turned away for lack of cashola.

- Vegan lunch, snacks, hot tea/coffee provided; more snacks are welcome!

- Childcare/ASL interpretation available with pre-registration.

- If you have questions, find someone with a yellow arm band.

-Chainbreaker Jane says: "People are encouraged to bring tools to work with if they have any. Some tools will be there to borrow. Lots of rags will be provided for everybody."

-The bike etcher will be available all weekend. Mark your bike with i.d. numbers to make your bike traceable, or maybe just put little hearts or snowflakes, or TLF...

We aim to create a warm, welcoming safe space for people & bikes. Beginners & pros are welcome. Even if you don't have a bike, come eat lunch with us, or drop by to see what all the excitement is about...

See you this weekend!!!