add to the list, make suggestions, volunteer to help guide. you don't have to do the talking to help with a particular workshop. propose other people / organizations with a (maybe?). if you would like to learn one of the proposed topics, encourage someone to teach it by leaving a comment!

these proposed workshops may take place at the first bee, or they could happen at subsquent bees.

-safe urban riding technique

-a sound ride (open your ears like flowers)

-making panniers out of catering pails

-weatherproofing clothing

-anti-theft devices/methods - (ifny)

-repacking bearings

-trick riding

-chopper building

-mechanical workshops

-geometry - i.e. proper riding ergonomics, seat distance, posture



-fur seat workshop

-top tube cozies

-buddy seat for rattraps (maybe seamrippers?)

-bike anatomy 101 (maybe leanne?)


-stencils (maybe katy?)

-buttons (maybe chris b?)

-wheel trueing

-shopping for a bike

-workshop for kids (bike decorating? safe riding?)

-car re-education workshop (ifny)

-customizing workshop: spraypaint, decals, appliques

-trailerbuilding (maybe rusl??)

-building a fixie (next bike bee)