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Learn, teach & share bike ornamenting techniques. Decorate your trusty steed. Celebrate the Age of the Bicycle~

Techniques + workshops traded at VeloDecos past:

SpokeWeaving/Webbing with danger tape/yarn
Handmade pinwheels
Handlebar wrapping
Cable Beading
Bike buttonmaking
Spoke cards

Frame Wrapping with fun fur + fabric
Frame Painting
Signs + "license" plates
Helmet decorating
Bike ikebana + wreaths
Modding + hacking your lights
Fun with reflectors + reflective materials
Portable sound systems
Top tube cozies

Examples of recycled materials ideal for affectionate foisting on your bike:

- plastic bags in nice colours or old cassette tapes to make handlebar streamers
- fake flowers
- holiday decorations: wreaths, ornaments
- straws (great for putting on spokes or cables)
- funky knickknacks for 'hood' ornaments
- cards, pictures, vinyl cuttings to make into spoke cards (should be at least the size of playing cards)
- ribbon, danger tape, foil tape, embroidery thread etc to weave between spokes
- fun fur or other materials to wrap your handlebars/frame (long strips are best) and to make top tube cozies
- beads that will fit around your cables
- balloons to stick between spoke rows

Also useful: needle/thread, embroidery thread, scissors, scotch tape, duct tape of various colours, spray paint, box cutter.

VeloDeco: Showing your bike how gushy you are~