share your brain - share the wealth!

sharing knowledge bestows the shiniest of karma, & makes the community grow muscular & pretty! if you are interested in organizing a workshop, or helping out with one, or volunteering time during the weekend, get in touch with us!
bicyclebee AT gmail DOT com

take a look at the list of proposed workshop ideas, or come up with your own. we'll help in any way that we can to facilitate your process. we're happy to discuss/advise you during the planning stages, & will offer as much support as we can to get you up & running. for example, we can meet with you to discuss your ideas, or help with gathering some supplies. we encourage you to present your workshop with someone else; talk to us if you're looking for a partner in crime!

we're also looking for volunteers for the weekend, either with mechanical skills or not. let us know where your interests lie; we'd be happy to hear all about it! there's lots to do, but it should be a rewarding, fun, dizzying experience fer all...

to give us an idea of what your workshop will bring to the bee, we encourage you to consider & communicate to us the following information. if you don't know the answers to all of them yet, don't worry! give us what ya got, & we can chat about the rest.


1. what your workshop is about, & what it could be titled.

2. how much space you would need, with what facilities (e.g. small space, workcounter, access to a tap, bike stand/s).

3. what is the maximum number of people you would be able to accommodate during your workshop? (this number could relate to available bike stands for example, or to the amount of one-on-one instruction you intend to offer.)

4. approximately how long would your workshop be (e.g. 1 hour, 2 hours, 1/2 day etc)

5. what materials you would use. what supplies you can provide yourself, & what you might need help with (e.g. tools, fabric, inner tubes). while we encourage workshoppers to bring as many of their own supplies as they can, it is also possible for us to help with this, either by gathering them though the community, or offsetting the costs of getting them. we encourage you to be as resourceful as possible, & we can help finding ways of sourcing supplies without purchasing them new.

6. what safety concerns might there be? what safety equipment might you need? (e.g.e proper ventilation for paints? safety glasses?). safety also includes a comfortable, inclusive, supportive working environment. we will have safety marshalls on hand at all times, as well as helping "rovers" who will assist all participants in the bicycle bee in having a great experience.

please remember that workshops will be by donation; therefore we are asking workshop organizers to keep their costs to a minimum ($0 costs provides you with access to limitless hugs).