workshops from the first bike bee, oct. 21-22, 2006

this was the workshop action to be had during the first bike bee,
oct 21-22, 2007.


all workshops by donation; no one turned away

visit the info table at the pivot legal parkade,
678 e. hastings, access from the laneway.

Bike Anatomy 101 & 102
(by Leanne, Lilo & Skylar)
"What's that thingie? No, not that one, that other thingie? Well, what does it doooo?"

Learn to speak bike. Yes, you can.

Wheel Trueing (by Leo)
No word of a lie.

Bike Basics (by Jett Grrl)
For women, boys welcome too:
each session 1/2 hour, followed by questions
Bike Basics: Flat fix
Bike Basics: Drive train maintenance and assessment
Bike Basics: Brakes

Fix Your Flat
Perhaps the most important bit of bike know-how in the history of humankind.

Cycling Rain Cape and Foot Covers (by Pol)
Workshop 2hrs. Bring fabric or paper to workshop.
This session will provide examples of raincapes and booties. Patterns for cutting and basic instructions will be provided for this beginner sewing project which will yield an excellent rain outfit suitable for the rainiest climates. If you have material you can trace the pattern directly onto it and save a step. Bring 3.5 or 4 metres of lightweight coated or water proof nylon. Recognize this type of nylon because it does not fray where it is cut and I usually buy it at Dressew for $2 to $4 per metre in the basement or more in colours you might like upstairs for more money. Or bring paper (40"x70" it is ok to tape pieces of paper to get this and newspaper even will work) to trace the pattern onto to bring home for when you get fabric and prepare to sew. The lighter and thinner the fabric the smaller the cape and booties roll up when not in use. Imagine all of your raingear being the size of a waterbottle and costing less than $10 plus your time!

Bike LED Repair & Hackorama (by Ian)
drop ins ok!

tools/supplies are available, but bring any of the following to supplement the group if you have them

-Broken / unwanted LED lights <- the more the better!
-Pencil type soldering irons (NOT the guns - too powerful)
-exacto knife, strippers, cutters, pliers / forceps

a variety of topics covered, depending on attendees area of interest. change the colour of your LEDs, extend their wires up into your helmet, repair them, etc.

Basic electronics background: Ohm's law, considerations when changing colours, current limiting, series vs parallel

About the LED: forward voltage, visually determining polarity, looking through the resin, looking at the leads, schematic symbol, handling precautions, current requirements

Soldering techniques: LED extensions (wires)

NiMH vs alkaline batteries, voltage issues, possible resistor mods for making lights work with NiMH, charging / chargers

Voltage multipliers

Exotic stuff: luxeons, lithium ion / polymer batteries, spoke POV, EL Wire

Changing light propagation characteristics: misleading published specs on bike lights (lenses increase viewing distance, but only in narrow direction), filing the LED dome off, sanding lenses

Regular maintenance and repair: troubleshooting (why does light come on spontaneously), cleaning corroded contacts, vaseline

Parts sources & resources: Digi-Key, LS Diodes, Lee's ElectronicsRP Electronics, Active Electronics, Polar Batteries, online tutorials, projects, etc, e-books (Evil Genius, etc)

Bike Repair Basics (by Omar, Liz & James)
More earth-shattering knowledge, made bite-sized & wholesome. Basics, shifters, general maintenance, brakes, tires & flats.

Driver Re-education (by Ifny)
Inside every car, there is a human being trapped inside. Can we liberate them?
Diplomacy, Propaganda, Driver Relations. A Frank Discussion on the Seduction of the Car People.
Share the road, assh*le!: a Road Rage Primer
Tips for dealing constructively with the angry, the sleepy & the dopey. Change comes from within (or from your friendly neighbourhood biker).

Anti-theft Techniques and Devices (by Lyle, Nick & Ifny)
Your seat. Your wheel. Your bike. Learn how to keep your bike yours. Locking technique discussed. Also covered: Changing quick release wheels to less tempting ones, & seat fasteners.

CarFree Cities Conference Presentation + Slideshow; inspired by the recent conference in Bogota, Columbia (by RusL)

Bike Art - brought to you by the Recyclistas from Victoria!

Bike Jewelry - (more Recyclista axshun)

Forum: A Vancouver Bicycle Hub, what is it & do we want it? (by RusL, Jane & co.)

Cycling Advocacy (by Bonnie Fenton)
Pothole in the road? Driver freakin you out? Dangerous intersection? Learn how to make this city better! Names, ranks, serial numbers, Bonnie (of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition) has it all!

Weekend Bicycle Build-a-Thon
If you don't have a bike, or if you don't have a working bike, bring what you have, even if it's only the desire to ride. We can help set you up with everything from a wheel to a frame to a whole bike in need of love. We'll help you tune up your new pony too. Why? Cuz the road needs riders.
(Mechanics/facilitators: Leanne, Emily, Kirsten, Milo, Omar, Elaine, Androo and...?)

Weekend Custom Bike Chopperific Build-a-Thon
Ok, so here's your chance to free your inner circus. Want to make strangers giggle? Children point? Want to bring a little doubletake to the neighbourhood? We'll guide you through the design/chopping/welding of your very own custom bike.
(Welders/facilitators: Robert, Donald, RusL, Skylar, Redsara and...?)

Pre-workshop Workshop (by Omar)
"How-To-Do-Bike-Education" primer for workshop facilitators, or people interested in learning how to teach. (Please note, this workshop will be offered before the commencement of the Bike Bee Weekend, in order
to give organizers time to apply these principles to their own workshops)

Riding Safe Urban Riding Skills Ride & Discussion (by Rob, Adam & Charles)