oO The Bicycle Bee is a community-created, peer-education event Oo

Through workshops, small-groups and one-on-one, you can learn about your bike’s anatomy, build a reclaimed bike, build a custom bike, teach others something about bikes, use bike tools, get help with bike fitting, learn anti-theft techniques, decorate your bike, & anything else people want to teach.

oO Community Created Oo

We hope you can participate by:

Oo Offering to host a workshop, or
Oo Donating / lending some bikes, parts, or tools
Oo Attending a planning potluck (the development of this project is as important as the event itself)
Oo Being involved in the weekend workshops as a participant or volunteer
Oo Helping out in some special way that only you know about!

oO Peer-education Oo

If you have any bike-related skills why not pass them on? Even patching a flat is a skill some people would love to learn. At the Bicycle Bee you are welcome no matter what your skill level…whether you just took your training wheels off your bike, or if you are a professional mechanic or welder.

oO WHO ARE WE????? Oo

Bicycle Bee Working Group is an informal alliance of Vancouver individuals and groups, coming together to create a weekend of bicycle and bicycle-related workshops.

We aim to:

Oo Facilitate an environment where people feel comfortable meeting & learning, regardless of their expertise, class, identity, race, gender, age, sexuality or ability.
Oo Build connections and facilitate networks with other local grassroots projects.
Oo More bikes! Get more bikes on the streets!

oO We can’t wait to meet you! Oo

Come to a planning potluck, ALL WELCOME!
or send us an email, bicyclebee AT gmail DOT com